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Robert Mohns

Lead Strategist

What I do

I lead iMarc’s strategy engagements, working with our clients, UX, engineering and creative teams to blueprint our sites and apps. I've been doing this at iMarc since 2005, and I've been building sites since 1997.

As we explore and define the project together, we'll create wireframes and site maps, schematics, process maps, feature lists, mockups, visual specs, and anything else that helps describe the project in a concrete fashion. We might also:

  • Interview your customers, stakeholders or users
  • Do user testing to find and improve usability problems before your users do
  • Measure conversion and assess SEO, making recommendations for improvement
  • Define content strategy, and create a plan you can execute
  • Create and analyze customer surveys
  • Conduct a competitive analysis
And plenty more. Check out our Handbook of Standards & Best Practices for Web Development for the skinny on strategy (and more!).

It Might Surprise You To Know

There is only One True Parent Trap and it was made in 1961.

After Work You'll Find Me

Making physical things. Writing abstract things. Reading science, psychology and fiction things. Taking photos of everything.

But mostly: spending time with my wife, daughter, and infant son.

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