Fourth: Year One Recap

Ashley Romagnoli, Digital Marketing Manager
Posted on Jul 31, 2017

Our most successful projects are the ones that we stay engaged with post-launch as we continue to grow and nurture the site. In our eyes the work always continues whether we enhance SEO, focus on marketing activities or conduct A/B testing.

With that in mind, we’re excited to take a look back at the first year of the redesigned website for the hospitality software company,

What We Did

In July of last year, we launched the Fourth website. The task on hand: reimagine the corporate website to focus on the buyer’s journey, enhance its global presence and deliver a more modern experience.

Page Content and Search Engine Optimization

To satisfy 2 target markets in the U.S. and U.K., the localization of the website was vital to the site’s success. Imarc focused on the user experience to align the language and culture of each country to support Fourth’s business development efforts.

In order to design a site that would satisfy 2 regions, it was crucial to focus on the tone and consistency of the content, all while writing for 2 different audiences. The language as well as product offerings were tailored to each regional variation of the site.


We also focused on search engine optimization, providing a keyword strategy to aid in the development of content. Extensive research identified commonly searched keywords used by targeted prospects within the hospitality sector. In depth SEO analysis was incorporated into the full site content organically, ensuring that the new site content would have the maximum discoverability.

How We Helped

We’re proud to say that the site is performing incredibly well. Beyond its new look and feel and strategic call-to-actions, the Fourth site has seen impressive results that include:

  • 47% increase in sessions - meaning more and more visits on the site;
  • 51% increase in pageviews - people are really engaging with the content and viewing multiple pages;
  • 14% increase in organic search traffic - people have reached the site from searching keywords that are found throughout site.

What We’re Working on Now

We pride ourselves on the the work that we accomplish for our clients. Our result-driven approach keeps our clients coming back for more. We’re constantly suggesting improvements and recommendations to continue to elevate their digital presence.

One year after launch, we continue working with the Fourth team to evolve their digital experiences for their prospects and clients.

A few of enhancements we’ve worked on this year are:

  • Designing and developing an event and webinar tool;
  • Improved upon the user experience for the the blog;
  • Continue to enhance Search Engine Optimization;
  • Redesigned Careers section.

It’s great to look back on our past launches. The relationships built, the results and the on-going support is a true testament to our team and the work that we create. We’re honored to be an extension of the Fourth team and continually looking ahead to the next best thing when it comes to website innovation.