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best practices / culture

The Efficiency / Effectiveness Pendulum

Imarc has always aimed to provide as much value as possible for our clients. That’s why in recent…

best practices / SEO / strategy

Recommended URL structures for global websites

When working on a multi-lingual or regionalized website, one of the first and most important…

user experience

Get it simpler.

Paul McCartney knows how to make things people like. In Let It Be, the 1970 Beatles documentary,…

best practices / mobile / user experience

Responsive Redesign for iMarc

We launched a new website for ourselves earlier this week. Like the fabled cobbler with broken…



Friday is Will Bond's last day at iMarc. Will started at iMarc as an intern over 7 years ago. After…

best practices / rants / user experience

Scrolling, clicking, and the fold

The Fold – we have many conversations about what content appearing "above the fold". Important and…

best practices / content / SEO

Writing Content For Your Website

Writing content for the web can be difficult and overwhelming. However, by keeping two simple…


Lunchroom Banter (Volume XX)

Patrick: ...mmm, lunch from Abe's Dave: You know, Abe's was named after Abe Vigoda. Patrick: Really? …

iMarc welcomes Katie Desmond to the team

I'm excited to welcome our newest team member, Katie Desmond. Katie's title is Business Development…

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