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Hacktoberfest: Giving Back with Open Source Code

Software is everywhere: your laptop, tablet, phone. Heck, it’s gotten to your car, cash registers,…

engineering / user experience

Solving Document Distribution for ARA

Imagine you run a medical organization that needs to maintain a consistent set of policies,…

engineering / labs

UPS Shipping Plugin for Craft Commerce

Today, Imarc Labs is open sourcing a plugin for Craft Commerce integrating with UPS's shipping API…

labs / open source / technology

Visual Highlights from Imarc Labs

Imarc kicked off Imarc Labs, our internal initiative to expand our capabilities and push our limits…

engineering / labs

Announcing Imarc Labs

Imarc has always invested in our technology. We have a history of not just using content management…


Linux is for Artisans

Every year, Stack Overflow’s Developer Survey shows about 20% of developers run linux (about the…

engineering / security

How Sites Get Hacked

With so much personal information being transmitted and brand image at stake, websites and web apps…


After your SSH Key: Configuring SSH for Casual Users on OS X or Linux

Lots of people use SSH (or SFTP) to copy files around, or occasionally login to servers. On…


The PHP We're Glad to Have Forgotten

PHP is nearly a twenty year old language. While its certainly not the oldest, it's come a long way…

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