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best practices / engineering / user experience

Another Look at Web Accessibility

In June, I headed to Watertown, Massachusetts to attend a website accessibility workshop, hosted by …

engineering / mobile / user experience

The Frontend Development of the Reimagined HelloJetBlue

With its 2017 Intranet Design Annual Award from the Nielsen Norman Group, JetBlue’s intranet…

mobile / SEO

Google’s April 21st Mobile-Friendly Change: What You Need to Know

Today is the day marketers can either love or dread: It's "Mobilegeddon." Google is making a major…

strategy / user experience

The iMarc OmniGraffle stencil set

Update 08/26/2015: Version 2 now includes: flatter design more Fontawesome icons (social) modal…

user experience

How to Use Font Awesome Icons in OmniGraffle

My last post related to OmniGraffle social media stencils seems to garner continuous web traffic, so…

best practices / engineering

Conditional Widths Using the Adjacent Sibling Selector

All of the websites iMarc builds have administrative areas where clients can control their web…

clients / strategy / user experience

Building Part 2 of 4

In Part 1 of the Building series, Robert covered the Strategy phase of the project…

strategy / user experience

An OmniGraffle Social Media Icons Stencil (With Desaturated Icons)

iMarc creates its site maps and wireframes in a program called OmniGraffle. Part of why it’s so easy…

best practices / user experience

Crash Course in Wireframing

Last night, I gave a talk at the monthly North Shore Web Geeks meetup in Newburyport. The talk was…

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