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The Brand Process

A while back I wrote Feed Your Brand, a blog about evolving your brand after its inception. Well,…

creative / design

Feed Your Brand

A brand is a living, breathing thing. You can't create it and just let it go for years on end. If…


Best of 2014: My Go-To Creative Assets

Lists are everywhere this time of year: best/worst movies, top 50 songs, best albums, best books,…


Ditch the pixels and get your hands on something real

If you’re a web designer like me, you’re used to creating things in the digital space. You have a…

creative / design

How to Give (and Take) Constructive Design Feedback

Constructive feedback — not everyone is good at giving it and some people just don’t know how to…


Pencils Down: Knowing When You’re Done and How To Get There Faster

As designers, sometimes our biggest hurdle can be ourselves. I’m a bit of a perfectionist myself…

best practices / content / design / mobile / user experience

Show your visitors what they're looking for

We talk a lot about scrolling, clicking, and the fold and I think we’re making great headway in the…


Wide-Angle Composite Photography

I enjoy photography and love the look of a wide angle shot. The problem for me, and possibly for…

best practices / content / creative / design / mobile / user experience

Five Things to Remember When Designing for Mobile

I’m going to take a holistic approach to talking about designing for the mobile web. Design doesn’t…

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