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Do sites really need a sitemap.xml for good SEO?

It's taken as received wisdom that good SEO requires a sitemap.xml file. This is so well established…

best practices

How does GDPR affect small companies?

A colleague recently asked me how to implement “some kind of GDPR strategy.” Cheekily I replied,…

SEO for Single Page Apps and PWAs – Part 2

SPA’s – single page applications – are awesome, especially for mobile users. They enable us to give…

marketing / strategy / technology

Being Transparent About Privacy

This blog is a brief summary of privacy practices on Imarc’s websites, including our very own …


SEO for Single Page Apps and PWAs – Part 1

Imarc has been using Single Page App (SPAs) techniques to build websites for some time, and has…


Spectre and Meltdown impact on our clients' sites: None, really.

Two very serious vulnerabilities, named "Meltdown" and "Spectre", were disclosed last week which…

culture / strategy

Lessons from Hollywood: How to Solve Problems as a Team

My brother-in-law is a screenwriter. One of the things he says he’s learned about Hollywood is…

SEO / strategy

Should I Google AMP My Website?

This spring we’ve been getting a lot of questions about Google AMP and what it means for our…

content / SEO / strategy

Mobile, Truth, and Voice: What you need to know for SEO in 2017

There are some fundamental changes happening in SEO right now. Each individual change doesn't seem…

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