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How to Legally Market Your Marijuana Dispensary in Massachusetts: Part 2

In the first part of this blog series, we went through the legalities of marketing a cannabis…

best practices / engineering

Cybersecurity Spooks and Horrors: Website Must-Haves

October is a time for crisp autumn weather, changing leaves, apple cider, and spooky ghost stories.…

best practices / design

Design Trends to Say Goodbye To

Fresh off the heels of Paris Fashion Week, I’m sitting in my apartment perusing various style…

best practices / design / user experience

What, When, & Why Whitespace: The Rundown from a Designer

As you may have read about in part one of “What, When, & Why Whitespace”, there are plenty of sensible…

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4 Marketing Features that Really Count for Your CPA Society

When it comes to your society's online presence, there's always room for an upgrade, even if you…

best practices / user experience

The Evolution of Scrolling

The year is 1993. Most websites were much like a classified ad. Users would visit a website to…

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Traits of Our Favorite Clients

Recently, my boyfriend and I moved into a new condo, so we’ve been going through the process of…

best practices / user experience / web design

What, When, & Why Whitespace: A Crash Course from a UX Engineer

So, what exactly is whitespace? When you’re looking at a page on a website, you typically see a…

best practices / culture

Combating Burnout in Today's Workplace

The wall. We’ve all hit it at some point. Every department has their own version of it. Writer’s…

best practices / sales

What to Consider When Drafting an RFP for Your Website Redesign Project

You’ve been assigned the task of finding the right agency to build your company’s new website. Your…

best practices / SEO

Digital Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung! Unless you’re here in New England; all of us at Imarc East are having a lovely…

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GDPR: What Digital Marketers Need to Know

It’s not very often that new laws come along that fundamentally change the way we do business on a…

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