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How to Give Good Design Feedback

Client feedback is one of the most important parts of the Imarc process. That’s why nearly every…

branding / creative / design

The Brand Process

A while back I wrote Feed Your Brand, a blog about evolving your brand after its inception. Well,…

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The Creative Eye

What we should all know about design. Paula Scher of Pentagram doodled the infamous Citibank logo on…

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Your Logo is the Tip of the Branding Iceberg

"I need a logo, fast.” Every designer has heard this at least once in their career. Most, not all,…

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Strong Teamwork Wins Top Talent

As the last month of my college career came to an end, I was flooded with instant relief as I…

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New Year, New Site

In the spirit of the new year, it can be helpful to create some resolutions for not only yourself,…

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Create Delicious Content

Web content is digital food. Even at the hands of the most skilled chef, if your dish doesn't…

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A Beginner’s Guide to SVGs

An SVG is a Scalable Vector Graphic. It’s pretty self-explanatory; they are vector graphics that…

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The Experience Kickoff – What It Is and Why We Do It

At Imarc, an Experience Kickoff is an exploration exercise tailored for each client based on their…

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