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Hacktoberfest: Giving Back with Open Source Code

Software is everywhere: your laptop, tablet, phone. Heck, it’s gotten to your car, cash registers,…

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Cybersecurity Spooks and Horrors: Website Must-Haves

October is a time for crisp autumn weather, changing leaves, apple cider, and spooky ghost stories.…

engineering / user experience

Searchability is Usability

Warm weather has finally made its debut here in New England. To celebrate the sun and the ability…

engineering / open source

Real-time Notifications: Laravel Echo Server with Docker and Traefik

One of my favorite projects in the Laravel ecosystem is Echo. Echo enables real-time web applications…

engineering / user experience

Solving Document Distribution for ARA

Imagine you run a medical organization that needs to maintain a consistent set of policies,…

culture / engineering / hiring

The Development of an Imarcian

Back in 2009, right when the economic crash was heating up, I applied for a position at Imarc. I…

best practices / engineering / user experience

Another Look at Web Accessibility

In June, I headed to Watertown, Massachusetts to attend a website accessibility workshop, hosted by …

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UPS Shipping Plugin for Craft Commerce

Today, Imarc Labs is open sourcing a plugin for Craft Commerce integrating with UPS's shipping API…

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The Frontend Development of the Reimagined HelloJetBlue

With its 2017 Intranet Design Annual Award from the Nielsen Norman Group, JetBlue’s intranet…

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