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Meet the Team: Alex

Ever wonder what it takes to be a part of the team here at Imarc? Well, we can tell you one thing,…

culture / hiring

Meet the Team: Thijs

Hailing from the far corners of… well, right down the street in Newburyport, Thijs has joined the…

culture / hiring

Meet the Team: Mike

Meet Mike Mike is the latest Strategist to join our growing team! He plays a huge part in…

culture / hiring

Meet the Team: Tristan

At Imarc we’re always looking to deliver the next best thing for our clients; that starts with…

culture / hiring

Our Newest Location at Legacy West

After celebrating Imarc’s 20th anniversary with family, friends and clients at the Carrie Nation …

culture / engineering / hiring

The Development of an Imarcian

Back in 2009, right when the economic crash was heating up, I applied for a position at Imarc. I…

culture / hiring

Joining the Imarc Team

According to a recent survey by Adobe, 70% of American employees say they love their jobs. In my…

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Strong Teamwork Wins Top Talent

As the last month of my college career came to an end, I was flooded with instant relief as I…

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Resumes: Why I Didn’t Ignore Word (But Probably Should Have)

iMarc will go through the hiring process once or twice in a typical year, and after almost two…

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