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Real-time Notifications: Laravel Echo Server with Docker and Traefik

One of my favorite projects in the Laravel ecosystem is Echo. Echo enables real-time web applications…

labs / open source / technology

Visual Highlights from Imarc Labs

Imarc kicked off Imarc Labs, our internal initiative to expand our capabilities and push our limits…

engineering / open source / technology

Customizing Craft: Essential Craft Plugins

Craft CMS is a powerful content management system that we have been using more and more lately for…

engineering / open source / technology

Adding Google Custom Search to Your Website

Search is an important part of many websites. When users are unable to find the content they’re…

open source / technology

Contributing to an Open Source project

We work with a lot of open source code and tools. Because of the nature of software, there are a…

engineering / open source

unserialize() notice when uploading files to MediaWiki

We use MediaWiki – better known as the Wikipedia engine – as our internal knowledge base. Recently,…

best practices / engineering / open source

Staying Focused on Engineering Tasks

Staying focused on engineering tasks, especially large ones, can be difficult. In addition to our…

culture / open source / rants

I Will Work for Free

If you promise to keep my ideas and work free (as in speech), I will work for free (as in beer).…

engineering / open source

Introducing the iMarc Boilerplate

The iMarc Boilerplate, much like the HTML5 Boilerplate or Twitter Bootstrap, is our starting…

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