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5 Small Mistakes That Create a Negative User Experience (and How to Fix Them)

Most companies spend a lot of time and money to make sure their website is up to date and provides…

rants / strategy / user experience

How is a CMS like a coffee maker?

Last year, our office coffee maker quit working. Victoria hastily procured a temporary replacement…

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Creative Predictions for 2015 and beyond!

Creatives must stay constantly apprised of current trends and styles, and must be able to change…

best practices / content / creative / design / rants / user experience

Go Fish! What a deck of cards can teach us about successful projects.

I've always been fascinated by magic. Of all the props at a magician's disposal, a simple deck of…

content / design / rants

Blame Canada: Robert Bringhurst is Wrong

iMarcians care very much about doing their very best, whether it’s code, design, experience, or…

design / rants / user experience

Your PC is not a typewriter

Quick—What is the most mis-used key on a computer keyboard? Now Entering the Wayback Machine For…

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Control + N

I'd like to talk for a moment about losing. Specifically about losing work, and ultimately, time.…

hiring / rants

Resumes: Why I Didn’t Ignore Word (But Probably Should Have)

iMarc will go through the hiring process once or twice in a typical year, and after almost two…

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Art and Design; Working as a "Creative"

When clients visit iMarc and take a tour of our office in Newburyport, they get a small glimpse…

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