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Being Transparent About Privacy

This blog is a brief summary of privacy practices on Imarc’s websites, including our very own …

labs / open source / technology

Visual Highlights from Imarc Labs

Imarc kicked off Imarc Labs, our internal initiative to expand our capabilities and push our limits…

best practices / marketing / technology

Why Your Digital Agency Should Be a Triathlete

If you are like most companies, it's been a few years since your last website redesign. Sure you…

engineering / strategy / technology

Halftime Adjustments

It’s that time of year again, sports fans stock up on their snack foods of choice and hunker down…

culture / technology

Hello from Dallas!

Recently I was able to make the 1,798 mile journey from our office in Amesbury, Massachusetts to my…

engineering / open source / technology

Customizing Craft: Essential Craft Plugins

Craft CMS is a powerful content management system that we have been using more and more lately for…

engineering / technology

Customizing Your Bash Shell

In my last blog, Getting Started with Bash Shell, I gave an introduction to the Bash Shell. I went…

engineering / technology / web design

The Benefits of a View-First Approach

With MVC web programming, I really enjoy taking a View First approach. This essentially means two…

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Adding Google Custom Search to Your Website

Search is an important part of many websites. When users are unable to find the content they’re…

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