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Drawing Inspiration from the Women of UX

I’m not sure if it was because the content was so on-point and relevant to me, or that all of the…

best practices / design / user experience

What, When, & Why Whitespace: The Rundown from a Designer

As you may have read about in part one of “What, When, & Why Whitespace”, there are plenty of sensible…

best practices / user experience

The Evolution of Scrolling

The year is 1993. Most websites were much like a classified ad. Users would visit a website to…

best practices / user experience / web design

What, When, & Why Whitespace: A Crash Course from a UX Engineer

So, what exactly is whitespace? When you’re looking at a page on a website, you typically see a…

engineering / user experience

Searchability is Usability

Warm weather has finally made its debut here in New England. To celebrate the sun and the ability…

content / user experience

5 Business Benefits to a Custom Intranet

By definition, an intranet is an internal communications solution. Intranets often take form in a…

user experience

What Wireframes Are, and Aren’t.

Creating wireframes is a big part of my job as a UX designer and for good reason. Wireframes are an…

best practices / user experience

From Hot Trend to Hot Mess: Homepage Background Videos

One of the most asked for web trends in recent years has been the homepage background video.…

engineering / user experience

Solving Document Distribution for ARA

Imagine you run a medical organization that needs to maintain a consistent set of policies,…

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