Principal Web Engineer

Kevin Hamer

I make things.
Things to make the web go.

Amesbury, MA - Engineering
About Kevin

These days, the web changes faster than ever. Helping Imarc keep up is my job. I help build and architect anything from back end frameworks through SPAs. I stay on the cutting edge so I can bring the best back to Imarc and our clients.

When I'm not doing that, I'm likely enjoying life in the New Hampshire seacoast with my wife, son and cats. And maybe Star Trek or Top Gear/Grand Tour.

Work Experience

It's hard to nail down exactly when I started general web development, but in 2007 I built my first web application. Since then I've worked with the engineering teams at companies including Infor, SSH, and RSA, and tackled working with everything from Vuex through IBM System i.

I'm also the leading contributor to Padstone, Imarc's Craft starter kit, as well as Imarc Boilerplate, our front-end starting point.

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