Mike Flannery

Mike Flannery


1 year at Imarc

What I do

I help create the foundation of a project by working to understand the problems, and translating the needs of the business and user into a great experience.

It Might Surprise You To Know

I pulled the sword out of the stone... I was at Disney, many tried before me, I accomplished this feat at a young age. Merlin released some doves, I was named Temporary Keeper of the Realm, I have a medal and scroll - it was kind of a big deal... and purely coincidental it happened on my birthday.

After Work You'll Find Me

Spending time with my wife and daughter, starting but not finishing projects around the house, tinkering with my motorcycle.

Words To Live By

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” - Dr. Seuss

Mike Flannery

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