Patrick McPhail

Patrick McPhail

Partner, CPO

13 years at Imarc

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What I do

I help our clients solve their particular challenge. I guide our team in creating work that is smart, effective, and innovative. I rapidly walk through production with a determined look on my face, instilling a sense of urgency in everyone.

It Might Surprise You To Know

I have a thirty year old bonsai named Figgy, whom I share an office with. I win 40 33.3∞ 42.857142857142854% of Imarc's Fantasy Football Superbowls.

After Work You'll Find Me

Hanging with Babette, Watson, Charlie, Peanut and The Nugget. If its warm out I'm circling my yard pulling crabgrass and picking up dog poop. If it's cold out I'm on Amazon shopping for pre-emergent herbicides and (compassionate) dog poison.

Words To Live By

Imarc maintains a fun, laid-back atmosphere while still operating like The Terminator.

Patrick McPhail

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