Social Responsibility Reflected Through Visual Data Christian Keyes

Written on: November 2nd, 2017 in clients, design, web design

Recently honored as an "industry champion" for the 2017 Champions of Toxics Use Reduction Awards, Mark Richey Woodworking supplies 100% of its own renewable energy for its 130,000 square foot facility.

Owner Mark Richey was determined to power the facility on renewable energy. The company has made tremendous efforts to create its own energy sources, including a biomass boiler, wind turbine and a 500-kilowatt solar array.

This dedication to sustainable energy is a cornerstone of the brand. It only made sense to share these results with visitors to the website and to the production facility.

As Mark Richey Woodworking made the most of its energy consumption, we were asked to take that impressive data and develop a next-gen dashboard.

A Renewable Champion

All the locals know Mark Richey Woodworking for the turbine – it's huge and can be seen throughout Newburyport! What they don't know is that since the installation of the solar panels and the biomass furnace, Mark Richey can now operate on 100% renewable energy.

The pre-Imarc website showed basic output from the turbines, but the Silverlight application was outdated, failure prone, and didn’t work on phones or tablets.

After Imarc’s award-winning redesign, Mark Richey knew we could create a new dashboard that would showcase both solar and wind output – and do it beautifully.

The interactive dashboard displays wind speed, direction and of course energy output. Similarly, the solar area incorporates the current weather, which gives context.

All of this data is interesting and accessible, but we wanted to take things one step further. Data tells a much better story when you can equate it to the real-world, so we translate the raw data to something concrete: trees planted and cars removed. This gives a better sense of the positive impacts Mark Richey Woodworking is having on the environment!


The dashboard lives in the sustainability section of the website, and is also proudly displayed on a massive screen in Mark Richey Woodworking's lobby.

We’re incredibly inspired by Mark Richey Woodworking’s commitment to sustainable energy and environmental responsibility. We couldn’t be more pleased with this addition to the site. Continued partnerships is what we're all about!


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