5 Tactics to Drive Conversion on Your Law Firm's Website Katie Desmond

Written on: October 29th, 2015 in best practices, content, marketing, social media

The legal marketing landscape is shifting dramatically and more and more legal marketers are finding it challenging to craft an effective lead generation strategy. While many law firms rely on traditional business development methods, such as outbound marketing or referrals, it’s important to incorporate new online strategies to drive conversion and engage prospects through inbound marketing. One of the best ways to start the conversation and drive success is by taking a hard look at your current site and social media platforms to see if you really are driving leads. Here are some great ways to elevate your firm and increase conversion.

Promote your attorneys.

Without a doubt, clients select your firm based upon your attorneys’ expertise, experience and specialties. In fact, we’ve found that the attorney profiles are the #1 visited pages on law firm’s websites.  Craft and promote your attorney’s profiles to include comprehensive information such as services, areas of focus, relevant news, admissions, memberships, affiliations, awards and distinctions. Even more importantly, make sure each profile highlights the attorney’s contact information and LinkedIn profile so that user’s have a means to connect.


Blogging is a great tool that promotes thought leadership and expertise and can also serve as a means to help perspective clients solve a problem. Blogging consistently will help drive leads for the firm. According to Hubspot, law firms that blog 16-20 times per month received 3 times more leads than those that did not; while firms that blogged 20 or more times a month saw 4 times more leads than those they don’t blog.[1]  By developing a content creation calendar and having your attorney’s share timely industry insight and expertise, your blog can be a powerful tool to educate users and help them through the buyer’s journey.

Deliver relevant and high-quality content.

Whether  you work at a large or a small firm, you cannot be everything to everyone and it is important to really hone in and promote your expertise. Be sure to craft robust practice sections and content that highlights your experience, cases won, success stories, attorney profiles and publications. Tag this rich content to ensure that you can distribute this information to users based upon his or her interests throughout the site. By incorporating these tactics you will be a valuable resource for prospective clients. Don’t lose them though once they leave the site; make sure  users also have the option to opt-in for occasional legal alerts, sign-up for newsletters and whitepapers.

Provide tools to create an online dossier.

Take the delivery of relevant content one step further and provide tools that allow users to create an online dossier of information as it relates specifically to their needs. Build tools that allow users to select specific content including practice area information, attorney profiles, publications, blogs and news that can be saved as a PDF, emailed and printed. This valuable resource can serve as a means to build a case for your firm, 24/7/365 days a year.

Engage your audience across social media, in the right way.

Your firm’s social media success will come from addressing your audience in the places they frequent the most. Make the most of each platform and utilize them for what they are most effective at. Use Twitter to share firm news, industry news and cultural information, promote blog posts, highlight new hires and share timely legal insights. Shape the firm’s LinkedIn profile to promote professional and industry news and engage your network of followers. Round out the experience by promoting the firm on Facebook and highlighting cultural firm news and blog posts.

 Incorporate these improvements on your site and across your social media platforms to deliver content that your users are looking for and even more importantly, drive leads.



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