Imarc's Mobile-First Initiative

Written on: January 26th, 2015 in best practices, mobile, user experience

Imarc has adapted its entire production process to incorporate a mobile-first strategy. It’s no secret that mobile is a significant player in online customer engagement for brands; With the number of users consuming content on mobile rising across the board, utilizing the full potential of mobile devices is imperative. When a user is engaged with a web application, we understand that there are contexts to their behavior.  Is the user sitting at a desktop with a mouse and keyboard? Or are they waiting at a bus stop listening to music with headphones?  As web professionals, we need to push beyond simply building responsive sites and immerse ourselves further into what really drives human-computer interactions. Imarc's goal is to ensure we are prepared to meet these demands through our more highly evolved workflow.

Because the success of this evolved workflow doesn’t rest on a single team or team member, Imarc as a company needed all of its departments to collaborate. Our Business Development team has the task of educating and informing clients about adopting a mobile-first strategy because our clientele dictate the work that we do. Their pitch deck has evolved to be more in depth about the benefits, while reinforcing their sentiment with real analytics behind mobile device use.

After buy in, the UX and Strategy team sketch, wireframe and develop prototypes within the constraints of a mobile device first. This approach keeps the user interaction with the site’s navigation, content and tasks honest and lean. Optional features and interactions are then added on top of these core components as screen size permits.

Creative has the difficult task of not only staying within the brand of our clients but within the limits set forth by our UX team. They have to design unobtrusively but also breathe life and individualism to each project. By limiting the canvas initially, the designers are more likely to implement a cleaner, simple and enduring design.

Our Web Engineers had to reevaluate the tools at their disposal in order to determine if they are efficiently delivering on the promises and aspirations set forth by the rest of the Imarc  team. They have assimilated mobile-centric third party libraries and frameworks into our platform and created a more elaborate testing environment to QA their web apps. All in good faith to deliver a higher quality product and service.

This highly organized, cross disciplinary effort to evolve the last 17 years of our proven processes is a tall order.  There will be, and often are, healthy disagreements about which practices are the best, however it’s only because our team members are truly sincere about our client’s success. Whatever the dispute, we all can agree that to be relevant and successful for another 17 years we have to adopt this new mobile-first initiative.


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