2021 Election Certification Statement

Nils Menten, Founder, Partner & CEO
Posted on Jan 8, 2021

A statement from the Partners at Imarc on the recent events in Washington DC.

Along with millions of other Americans, the Partners and teammates of Imarc watched the events at the United States Capitol this week with shock and horror. In the aftermath, we learned that five people lost their lives that day, including a Capitol police officer that was sworn to protect the lawmakers who were certifying the recent election inside. We condemn the actions of the lawless mob that stormed the Capitol Building that day, including those that incited them with unfounded accusations of fraud in the 2020 election.

Imarc is representative of the people that make up our country. We are a diverse and multicultural group. We come from different regions and in some respects, we have very different points of view, born from our own experiences, beliefs, and values. Even so, we all share and are accountable for our actions around three core values that are non-negotiable in our workplace: truth, integrity, and accountability. We hold ourselves and our elected government to those same standards.

We call on all Americans, regardless of their political views, to transcend the corrosive effects of partisanship, mendacity, and mistrust. Let us seek moral grounding in the higher principles that our country was founded on; truth, justice, and equal protection for all Americans under the rule of law.

Nils Menten, CEO
Katie Desmond, CRO
Patrick McPhail, COO
Dave Tufts, CSO

Partners, Imarc LLC