5 Business Benefits to a Custom Intranet

Ashley Romagnoli, Digital Marketing Manager
Posted on May 15, 2018

By definition, an intranet is an internal communications solution. Intranets often take form in a website and app format. A successful intranet quickens efficiency, creates a more engaging process of getting work done, and enhances productivity. It is not to be regarded as “just another thing.”

Here’s why:

1. It improves workflow

Other than end-of-the-pot-coffee, there’s nothing more discouraging than a clunky workflow. Intranets are often the solution for this. This can happen a variety of ways, but we typically see it manifesting through providing methodical solutions within the intranet itself.

2. More time spent on revenue-generating projects

What does an efficient workflow really mean? It means more time focused on projects that produce. In turn, this can also increase feelings of fulfillment, as employees are able to allocate more of their efforts towards projects that are more meaningful.

3. Immediate feedback and easy communications

Let’s face it, work can be hard, but receiving and giving feedback should be easy. Rather than bombarding your inbox, you can use an intranet to communicate with your team with ease. A great intranet is going to enhance the process of collaborating.

4. Informal cross-training

Giving your employees a platform to connect with each other promotes creativity, engagement, and can allow for them to learn from each other. Enabling this type of communication will ultimately lead to employees that are far more well-rounded than ones that are only operating within their own department.

5. Promotes company culture

Every respectable company wants their employees to feel heard and valued. Having an intranet is an uncomplicated way to fulfill that need. It also gives you an easier way to recognize above-and-beyond efforts, and identify rising stars.

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