Creating an eye-catching infographic

Arielle Tiner, Senior Designer
Posted on Jan 21, 2021

Here’s how we make infographics and why they are an important tool for visual communication.

When you create content for your company, do you ever get stuck on how to incorporate design? Well, have no fear! There are a number of ways to engage readers with a little extra pizazz – like infographics.

Infographics present data in a smart and compelling way, engaging the consumer. You basically let the data speak for itself. 91% of audiences prefer visual content over traditional formats. If that’s not enough to convince you, compared to text alone, text paired with images improves comprehension by up to 89%.

What is the process of creating an infographic?

Amy Balliett, a specialist in visual communications, spoke about infographics in a recent Adobe Max session. She said, “You can’t build a house without a blueprint” – the same goes for an infographic.

To set your infographic up for success, you need to build your own blueprint. In the digital world, we refer to this part of the process as a wireframe. A wireframe defines the architecture and hierarchy of given information. At Imarc, we use wireframes to build an outline and ensure data is communicated in an effective and efficient way.

Once the wireframe is established, we move on to the visual design stage. Depending on the topic, our team may create unique icons or unique visuals. Each section of data should flow together versus feeling like separate pieces, so the style should stay consistent throughout the piece.

As I mentioned, infographics allow data to “speak for itself” so copy should be minimal. Any copy that is included should be short and impactful.

Why you should use an agency to build your infographic

Have you ever opted to not work or buy from a brand that has a poor design? 94% of a brand’s first impressions are design-based, and you want to make a good impression.

If you want a custom and high-quality infographic, working with an agency is highly recommended. At Imarc, we help you develop a wireframe, script, and design. It is no secret that an infographic can be time-consuming to create. Our skilled designers are knowledgeable in the field of visual communication, and they know how to streamline work efficiently using Adobe Illustrator. Working with a designer means you can relax knowing they will leverage the right fonts and visuals to resonate with your audience.

Engage your audience

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the strategy behind the design of infographics. Interested in taking the next step and learning how Imarc can create an effective infographic to elevate your marketing content? Let’s Talk!

A takeaway for you

Save to your desktop or print it out. Use this infographic to reference the importance of sharing your company's story through data (and infographics).

Creating an eye-catching infographic
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