The Importance of a Customized Approach

Ashley Romagnoli, Senior Marketing Manager
Posted on May 13, 2015

No two clients, prospects or projects are the same. While they may have similarities, at their core they are vastly different and it’s important as a web design agency that we treat them that way. Here at iMarc, we take a custom approach to every project that we work on. From the new business process to our strategy, design and development phases, it’s deeply rooted in our values that we treat every client, prospect and project as their own.

When a client or prospect reaches out to iMarc’s new business team, every conversation, document and interaction is unique. From the first phone call to the proposal, we use our findings and experience to help craft a custom solution that aligns to that specific organization’s goals. We don’t go into a cookie-cutter industry folder and pull out a templated approach; we listen to our client’s objectives, collaborate with the iMarc team internally and map out a custom solution that is going to help them do business better.

This custom approach continues throughout every project that we work on. In the strategy and planning phase, it’s crucial that we start with a blank slate because again, no two clients, prospects or projects are the same. Through a deep dive into an organization’s history, a strong understanding of target audiences and strategic goal-setting and benchmarking, iMarc’s strategy team is able to craft custom deliverables that create a solid foundation for a project.

Our design team will then apply this foundation to focus on the visual design of the project. Whether we’re utilizing an existing brand or creating a new one, iMarc’s design team takes a fresh approach and works closely with the client and other creative stakeholders to ensure that the user experience is visually appealing and looks great on all devices. Once the strategy and creative teams have created this blueprint for the project, iMarc’s development team will use open-source tools and CMS’ to create a custom experience.

By taking this custom approach, clients are able to gain deeper understanding into their projects, differentiate themselves from their competitors and iMarc is able to better serve them for years to come. Though templated approaches save (some) time and maybe even some money, the insight and information that you gain from a custom approach is invaluable.

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