The Reign of Content Marketing

Jason Antonucci, New Business Manager
Posted on Apr 25, 2017

With the rise of digital and content marketing across the majority of B2B industries, it’s no surprise that Imarc continues to engage with prospects and current clients who have made these areas a priority.

In fact, these 2 focus areas are now receiving the bulk of the marketing budget. Client and prospect knowledge can vary, but one thing is clear: it’s become very important to them. Just take a look at the latest US Digital Marketing Forecast from Forrester – the investment is REAL.

I was especially pleased to find that legal firms have become rapid adopters of content and digital marketing. And they should be! The legal industry is perfectly positioned for content marketing with the amount of thought leadership and expertise carried in the minds of the attorneys and professionals within their respective firms. When done correctly, your firm will be able to attract new clients just by leveraging the knowledge currently in the office and walking the hallways of your firm.

But wait – we know that your firm is a great source of content, but how do you plan on getting this content in front of your prospective clients? Sure, you can create a blog for your website or list additional content assets under a “resources” page, but what if prospects don’t know you or your website? You must get this content into the right channels to be in front of your prospects.

Think of it this way: imagine an archer about to pull an arrow from his quiver, load his bow and fire at his or her intended target - hopefully getting a bullseye.

The archer is the marketing team at the firm who has to reach its target audience. The bow is their means to send your content and communications. This could be your email system or even better, a marketing automation platform. The arrows are your content assets: blogs, white papers, publications, infographics, sharable videos, etc. Of course, the target are the prospects that are a perfect fit for your firm’s legal practices.

One thing that is important to remember is that your quiver should never be empty. Not only that, you should have a variety of arrows (content) to send to your target. Keeping a steady flow of high-quality content can be challenging, but it is necessary in order to do it well.

If you’re starting to question how you might develop this content strategy – I got you. Read up here. We’ve blogged some tips on how to get started.

Now maybe your firm is still on the fence about investing in a digital marketing platform. Or, perhaps you’re just a “one person show” in marketing/business development and you couldn’t possibly keep up with creating the on-going content to keep your quiver full. In that case, partnering with a digital agency that has the tools and expertise to build and launch these campaigns is probably a good choice.

If you’re working on developing your digital marketing strategy or looking to attract more prospects for your firm, let’s talk. We’ll get you hitting the bullseye in no time.