We've Earned Our Badge! Imarc Now a Craft Enterprise Verified Partner

Ashley Romagnoli, Senior Marketing Manager
Posted on Aug 8, 2019

We have big news, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it: Imarc is now a Craft Enterprise Verified Partner!

Since 2015, Imarc has been creating incredible websites for our clients using the Craft Content Management System (CMS). As early adopters and big proponents of Craft, we have educated our clients on the benefits of using this highly scalable, customizable, content-driven CMS. With an extensive list of projects under our belt, we became a Craft Enterprise Verified Partner.

How Did We Become a Craft Enterprise Verified Partner?

Craft requires its Enterprise Partners to have logged more than 4,000 professional hours working with the CMS. Partners must also have at least five full-time developers.

Imarc surpassed these numbers with more than 50 Craft CMS projects and over a dozen engineers! From full-site redesigns, maintenance retainers, client portals, and Craft Commerce sites, we are big fans of using the platform.

It’s not just our internal team that helped us achieve this status, it’s our clients too. Project reviews were a big part of the process, as a number of our clients were references for the work we did. Craft verified that our completed work met their high standards for earning the Craft Enterprise Partner badge.

Why We Love Craft CMS

As early adopters and huge fans of Craft, our team often encourages using the Craft CMS to our clients. With its user-friendly, customizable nature, it’s an incredible tool for non-technical staff to easily manage content. The Craft community is also a great resource for our developers! In fact, Imarc developers have built and contributed a handful of plugins to the Craft Community.

From our UXers to Engineers, Imarc has a soft spot for Craft! Read 5 Reasons our UXers <3 Craft CMS or find out What Engineers Like About Craft.

What Does This Mean for Imarc?

As an Enterprise Partner, we are one of only four agencies in the U.S. that have been verified for our Craft expertise. With offices from Boston to Dallas to Santa Cruz, we have exposure to each geographic region and many incredible companies. We’re excited to take on our next great Craft project!

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