International Women’s Day Ashley Romagnoli

Written on: March 8th, 2018 in culture

This week, here’s a shout out to the fantastic women of Imarc. From long-timers who embody our institutional memory, to energetic, unfazable newcomers, they’ve changed Imarc for the better.

Judi Crofts

Judi is Imarc’s most senior employee – 20 years! As comptroller, she keeps us steady and solvent and provides financial counsel to our partners. Judi takes no guff from anyone. I hope to be as awesome as she is when I grow up.

Katie Desmond

Katie came to us eight years ago from a large agency. She has led a huge expansion in our client base, revenues and staffing, and was asked to become a partner just a few years after joining. Her example of hard work and relentless focus, without losing empathy or perspective (or sense of humor!), inspires us to shatter any glass ceilings we encounter.

Kerri Cranwell

Kerri is an Engineer, responsible for making some of our gnarliest projects go. She’s that quietly competent person you don’t see coming, and then discover you can’t work without. If you have a thorny problem, talk to Kerri. She’ll ask a few questions and zero in on the core issues that you didn’t realize were there.



Maribeth Fitzpatrick

Lead UX Engineer Maribeth is one of our most versatile front-end developers. Mixing an eye for design with a strong technical foundation, Maribeth can be found doing anything from wrangling Hubspot and Marketo templates, to leading stakeholder interviews, to debugging obscure WebKit rendering problems. Also, purple hair. Need I say more?

Victoria Andersen

Victoria exemplifies achievement. She answered a job listing for a receptionist, rapidly became Imarc’s office manager, and then became a key contributor to the marketing team. Able to track details while keeping the big picture in sight, Victoria is now our Client Services Manager. (This doesn’t stop her from helping to plan special events like our 20th anniversary party!)



Bonnie Regan

Bonnie brings classic human factors design expertise to the digital realm. Trained in industrial design at MassArt, UX Designer Bonnie has lead Imarc in designing user interfaces that solve difficult problems in practical, focused ways. Whether you need a dashboard, a commerce workflow, or thoughtful analysis, Bonnie is your first stop.

Shawna O’Neal

Since joining Imarc just two years ago, Shawna rapidly outgrew her “Junior Web Engineer” role. Her expertise spans both back-end and front-end code. Twenty years ago her flexibility would have made her a Webmaster, but today we just say she’s a unicorn. Or possibly an adamantine dragon -- she does play D&D every week, after all.


Ashley Romagnoli

I can’t write about myself, so I’ll let Robert fill in:

“Ashley is a marvel. No, really! She’s super versatile and always willing and able to take on new challenges. She’s an incredibly fast learner and has really pushed our marketing forward. I’d say more, but I'll let her get back to the rest of the ladies.”

Kelly Freitas

Joining Imarc as a recent college graduate, Kelly quickly integrated herself into our client-driven design processes. Her creative versatility is crucial to her success, to be sure, but her real secret weapon is her always-positive, can-do attitude. She regularly creates special events that bring her coworkers closer together and eagerly shares her extracurricular learnings with us all. Not every creative designer is cut out for the challenges of agency work – but Kelly is already one of the best.


Jenny Hess

With agency experience in the city, Jenny joined us just over a year ago to escape the craziness of the daily city commute. Jenny has an uncanny ability to remember every project detail – which makes her a formidable project manager. We count ourselves blessed to have her on the team!

Jessica Plante

A relative newcomer to Imarc, Jessica is an experienced office manager and event planner.  Without a doubt, there’s always something up her (Lilly Pulitzer) sleeve and that includes her culture enthusiasm as she leads the charge coordinating each happy hour to a T!

Together, these women make up one-third of the Imarc team, bringing their own unique personalities, ideas, and talents to the office each and every day.  If you’re interested in joining the growing team here at Imarc, check out our current opportunities. 



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