Your Logo is the Tip of the Branding Iceberg

Posted on Mar 16, 2017

"I need a logo, fast.”

Every designer has heard this at least once in their career. Most, not all, clients believe that requesting a fast design is normal and will be “good enough” for their business. The reality is that your logo is the foundation of your brand and not something to be taken lightly. It’s a visual mark for your organization and how you will stay top-of-mind with your clients, employees and prospects.

Branding Takes Time

As a successful organization, you understand the importance of taking the time to build strong relationships and earning the trust of your clients through products or services. This is all a part of the overall concept of establishing your brand. Great things take time, and so should your logo.

Choose the Right Partner

Great designers take ownership of every brand they design and they don’t want their creations to live in the wild until they are ready. There is a lot of important, supportive information and research that comes from creative discovery and exploration which is something that we address in our Experience Kickoff blogpost.

It’s important to note that by choosing to hire a professional designer, your logo will:

  • Be professional
  • Have character and be unique
  • Last longer and not have to be redone every few years
  • Be designed in the correct format and easy to resize

Branding Budget

Your design budget is something to keep in mind as you begin your rebrand. Not every organization can spend a million dollars on a rebrand; and logo generators like Fiverr or 99designs can get you a cheap logo, in more ways than one. Share your budget with your designer so that they can properly scope the project and prioritize deliverables and get you the value that you need.

Think about your brand budget as an investment and remember it is important to invest in the future of your brand. When you pick the right partner and invest in your brand you will see it in the results. Your logo shouldn’t just look good, it should feel good and resonate with your audience. Your logo is just the tip of one large iceberg called “your branding”.

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