New Site Launch: New Mexico Society of CPAs

Victoria Andersen, Client Services Manager
Posted on Jul 19, 2016

When the New Mexico Society of Certified Accountants (NMSCPA) wanted to redesign their site, they knew they needed an agency that is well-versed in CPA sites to improve usability and experience for its members, non-members and drive internal efficiency for the organization. Enter Imarc; with over 20 of the U.S. state societies under our belt, we knew we could create a custom site to fit their objectives, budget and timeline.

What We Did

To help improve internal processes and strengthen the integrity of the site we created:

  • A site-wide custom CMS, allowing every page to be edited and updated by NMSCPA admins.
  • Custom tools within the CMS to manage homepage promotions, news and resources for both members and non members.
  • Expanded options for the CPE Catalog fees; allowing NMSCPA to automatically track and apply early bird discounts and printed material fees to the website.
  • Secure and direct PayPal integration. The user's credit card number is passed directly to Paypal, facilitating a much more secure checkout process.

To improve the site experience for both members and non-members the site features:

  • A clean modern layout designed with mobile in mind.
  • Immediate membership benefits - NMSCPA users can become a member and immediately receive CPE discount benefits all in a single session.
  • A powerful firm management tool - Imarc completely reimagined the way members find and join their firm. Members are able to search by keyword and join with a single click. If a firm is not in the system, the member can create a new firm instantly and become the firm administrator. As an administrator, they can add other firm employees, sign them up for CPE, membership or other NMSCPA benefits.

The new NMSCPA site aims to drive membership by making it easier than ever to join, receive member benefits and manage a firm. Our continued work with CPA societies across the country has kept us on the cutting edge, supporting the changing needs of the industry and ultimately allowing us to provide the best possible results.

Want to see more for yourself? Check out the live site. For our other great society sites, check out our CPA Case Study.