Traits of Our Favorite Clients

Ashley Romagnoli, Digital Marketing Manager
Posted on Aug 30, 2018

Recently, my boyfriend and I moved into a new condo, so we’ve been going through the process of unboxing and organizing every weekend. It was in the midst of this cluttered chaos that my boyfriend discovered a box of my “old things” that was filled with written memories. Birthday cards from when I turned 4, love notes (you know, the ones with the “yes, no, or maybe” checkboxes), cryptically coded messages written from my best gal pals, you name it–it was in there.

Much to his amusement, he tossed aside an old movie ticket stub for “Flubber” to unfold a piece of notebook paper that had been delicately folded into the shape of an origami frog. It was a list titled “72 things I want in my future husband.” This list was written around the same time as that Robin Williams classic came out. Oh, did we laugh!

After sharing this anecdote with a coworker, we got to talking about making a list of traits of our favorite and ideal clients. Rest assured, it’s much shorter and far less complex than my Dream Husband List of 1996.

Traits of Our Favorite and Ideal Clients

They’re great talkers.

As your agency, we want to hear everything about your business. We want to hear the real deal, the nitty gritty, we want it all, even the good-bad-ugly details. For us to be effective and to provide you with strategic recommendations, we have to understand the nuances of your business. It is far more beneficial for us to hear a list of your pain points than it is to hear your sales pitch (although, we do like knowing how you sell your goods or services!).

They’re even better listeners.

Both before and after our discovery session(s) with you, we do a lot of research. We approach new projects with fresh eyes and as marketing experts. We aim to fully understand you, your competitors, and your industry. We perform a market analysis to see what your competitors are doing (and not doing). We uncover the things you might not have known even existed in your business or industry. This information is the foundation from which our recommendations for your company are formed.

So when we present a strategy, it’s not being presented as what we think is best, it’s being presented as what is best given your goals, budget, and timeline. “Why?” is our favorite question to answer at this point as it gives us an opportunity to explain the reasoning and deliberate strategy. Even seemingly simple things like font, word, and color choice all have a purpose behind them.

They’re unified.

More often than not, when we are with a client, there are multiple stakeholders. Involving multiple people is a great way to get various perspectives from people who know the business. But the best clients (and work) stems from those stakeholders giving us clear direction and feedback.

They’re brave.

Change is scary. Taking the logo you’ve had since the inception of your business and redoing it entirely–is scary. Allowing an agency to rebuild your website from the ground up–is scary. But the consequence of not changing is to remain as you are, or an even more likely scenario is getting left behind the companies who are taking advantage of the most forward-thinking strategies. But it’s important to realize that we are in the best position to help you with your business goals when you take the leap and empower us to deliver. We will not disappoint.

Got the traits to be a star client? We’d love to partner with you. Let’s talk!