How to Use Your Blog to Nurture Leads

Ashley Romagnoli, Digital Marketing Manager
Posted on Sep 24, 2015

Blogging nowadays is so much more than telling stories and building credibility for your organization as a thought leader — it’s about providing value to your clients and prospects, and helping them make educated decisions for their business.

Whether you blog once a week, once a month or every day, it’s important to write blog posts that are going to support your clients and prospects (and your sales team) throughout their buying journeys. Here are some great ways to nurture leads through your blog.

Start with real conversations

Before you start writing a blog post, talk to your sales team or your client-facing teams to learn more about what customers and prospects are talking about, asking about, or needing. Are they having any specific challenges in their industry? New feature or product that would help their business? Best practices? By hearing from the front-lines of your organization, you will be armed with information that you know your clients and prospects actually want to read about.

Add to your content arsenal

As a salesperson, one of the most valuable and beneficial pieces of content you can send to a client or prospect is a blog post — crazy, right? Make sure that you’re aware of what your marketing team is putting out for content and add those blog posts to your content arsenal for follow-ups.

Send to prospects — even the quiet ones

Salespeople are usually in charge of managing dozens or even hundreds of leads at a time and what better way to stay engaged with them than through relevant, meaningful blog posts. After your first conversation with a prospect, send them blog posts that pertain to your conversation to help build thought leadership for your company; send them a blog post in a few months that related to their problem and why they reached out to you in the first place; send them a blog post when they win an award, show up in the news, open one of your emails — blog posts that provide value and build a client or prospect's confidence up in their buying decision will only help to further position you for success and build their trust in you.

Send to prospects (again)

You read that right, send them more blog posts! From your first conversation with a lead, you’re going to understand where they are in the buying process and how best to follow up. Set tasks in your CRM platform to reach out at different times in your buyer’s journey, with content that relates to their unique needs. This will not only keep you top-of-mind, but will continue to build that strong relationship that’s so important in today's selling world.

Promote on social media

Blogs aren’t just a great lead nurturing tool but they’re a great lead generation and brand awareness tool, too! Whether you’re in sales, or in another department, share your company’s blog posts on your social media accounts — you never know if a current client, prospect or new prospect is looking!

Blogging is an invaluable tool to support and nurture your leads throughout their buying journeys. By writing blogs that showcase results, support the buyer and build thought leadership, you’re developing a confident buyer and nurturing them through their important buying decision.