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.406 Ventures, one of Boston’s leading Venture Capital Firms, has centered its business philosophy around baseball player Ted Williams and his legendary .406 batting average. This approach continues to propel the firm forward as it carefully selects its portfolio clients and makes sure that they fall within its “sweet spot”. In 2010 Imarc first designed its site, and it served them well for many years. However, much like the technology companies that it represents, .406 knew  it was time to revamp the site to strengthen its brand, highlight its success and bring it up to speed with today’s technology. To achieve this, Imarc created an interactive, responsive site with a robust CMS.

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  • Responsive Design
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Exciting Modern Design

The redesigned site features an exciting, modern design that brings the brand to life. Photos of the .406 team, bold brand colors and eye-catching animations reflect the energy of the company.. Bringing the brand to life, baseball imagery and Ted Williams’ batting technique is reflected throughout the site, further reinforcing its philosophy and approach.


In-Depth Staff Bios

In lieu of a basic bio, each team member has their own page that offers an in-depth look at who they are both personally and professionally. It was important to create a space for the individual team members’ personalities to shine through; .406’s vibrant team is truly the heart of the brand.


Delightful Animations

The .406 portfolio is presented in a dynamic way on both the homepage and portfolio page. On the homepage, users are able to click through featured portfolio items by industry as if moving through a 3D space. The portfolio page offers a full scope of .406 clients where users are able to learn more about each portfolio by mousing over the item and triggering a coin flip animation.

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