Red Bull Winter Edition Campaign

The team at Imarc has been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to our future projects together. They creatively and thoughtfully approach fresh ways to experience Red Bull's new editions in kits like this. The team was flexible and collaborative and delivered beautiful kits with premium execution. Kayleigh Phillips, Sr. Manager, Social Opinion Leaders

Creative Ideation

The Design

Inspired by the pomegranate flavor, Imarc applied a fun, punchy pattern that incorporates winter, mountain tops, snow, and colors of pomegranate. The team designed and prototyped two unique kit experiences and worked with Taylor Box, a third-party vendor, to bring the ideas to life. Recipients of the kit include Red Bull athletes and media friends of the brand.

Pomegranate Blizzard

The standard kits required a more practical approach to getting cans efficiently and affordably in the hands of brand partners. This kit focuses on the branding of the new pomegranate flavor. The custom design and copy of the kits get recipients jazzed about the new flavor.

Top of the Mountain

These premium kits feature two Winter Edition cans. When the kit is opened, the top of the kit lifts off, and a 360º grand reveal shows the two cans at the “top of the mountain.” With 3D cutouts, the kit invokes the feeling that you too can be on top of the mountain with Red Bull this winter.

Production Coordination

The Full Package

Imarc partnered with a premier production company to bring these kits to life. We collaborated on prototypes to maximize the stability of the kits. Flawless cans and undamaged items were critical for a groundbreaking and memorable unboxing experience.

Our Shared Vision

Our team at Imarc is always ecstatic about a chance to work with Red Bull. We’ve created some really cool kits together over the years, from the Beach Breeze influencer kits to our Zero Excuses campaign and beyond. This year’s winter theme allowed our team to expand their wiiiings and design with a fun and energetic approach. We look forward to collaborating with Red Bull on future projects.