Introducing the Imarc Boilerplate

Kevin Hamer, Innovation Engineer
Posted on Feb 14, 2013

The iMarc Boilerplate, much like the HTML5 Boilerplate or Twitter Bootstrap, is our starting point for new projects. It provides us with:

  • Better, consistent defaults than what browsers use by themselves;
  • Sharp, clean placeholders for styles on sites we can use until we've had a chance to restyle them;
  • Clear, organized structure for our CSS going forward.

We wanted this file to be lighter than Twitter Bootstrap or the HTML5 Boilerplate and restructured in a way that was more fitting our mentality. Rather than layering our notions on top of one of these others, we wanted to take what we could from them create a base that fits us.

Best of all, we're releasing it on GitHub so its available to the community. You'll find more information on GitHub, as well as example markup and a separate page showing our document hierarchy and structure.