Announcing Imarc Labs

Kevin Hamer, Innovation Engineer
Posted on Jun 27, 2016

Imarc has always invested in our technology. We have a history of not just using content management systems, but writing them. We build web applications. We write and maintain our own standards. We know how to start with nothing and build a site that lasts.

A client doesn't hire us for what we have built; they hire us for what we will build for them. The web is constantly changing; that means you need an agency that is constantly changing too. You need an agency willing to dedicate itself to moving at the speed of the web and bringing innovation back to every project. Enter Imarc Labs.

Imarc Labs is our new, internal initiative to pave the way for technical, creative and digital innovation. Sometimes that's bringing in new concepts to life. Sometimes that's streamlining something old to make it fast and new again. We're bigger, faster and eager to bring change to our clients and the digital community.

You can find Imarc Labs on the web as well as on Twitter as @ImarcLabs.