How a High Speed Customer Experience Increases Sales Atlantic Broadband Case Study

Great sites must be continually optimized for users' needs. Imarc uses a variety of tools, from user testing to A/B testing to visitor session recordings, to improve the Atlantic Broadband website’s effectiveness in signing up new customers.

The Relationship

In 2013, Imarc and Atlantic Broadband, the ninth largest Internet, television and phone service provider in the U.S., worked together to revamp the cable operator's website. The result was an enhanced user experience that led to increased online sales.

Since then, the Imarc and Atlantic Broadband teams have continued to work in tandem to launch new products and optimize features and functionality. We met several times a week to brainstorm concepts, test ideas, discuss findings and choose effective strategies. The results have helped Atlantic Broadband:

  • Drive more online orders
  • Increase number of product units sold

  • Increase total revenue
  • Improve mid-funnel progress to conversion

Overcoming Obstacles

69% increase in total online orders by improving the conversion of prospects to customers

20%improvement in key workflow success rate discovering and testing user workflow process to increase order conversion

53%increase in call-to-action success by testing various techniques

Client Voice

“The Imarc team has been a pleasure to work since the beginning. The strategic and creative deliverables that the Imarc team develops and tests on the website represent their commitment to an evolving and successful site.”

Lesley Weller Sr. Director Digital Marketing

What’s in the Numbers

website on laptop

Making a Baseline

Key in any testing is to establish baseline metrics first. Only then can results be accurately measured and assessed. This helps to understand where users are having trouble and to define the next iteration of A/B testing.

What We Uncovered

Imarc started by integrating data from web analytics, sales data, user flows and heat maps to dive deeply into the customer journey through the website. With A/B testing, Imarc found ways to improve the buyer’s journey, from home page content and imagery, to color and copy, to layout and calls to action. Imarc improved home page call-to-action click-through rate by as much as 53%.

Analytics showed that a key, early step in the sign-up process had a high drop-off rate. Imarc conducted user testing to identify the exact issues that stopped users from completing the workflow, then overhauled and tested the new process. The success rate increased by over 50% in the first month, and the annualized failure rate dropped by 9 percentage points compared to the previous year.

website on tablet

What We Learned

Visitors weren't looking for visual stimulation – they responded to plain facts and clear choices. For example, Imarc created a side-by-side comparison of two bundle options and tested it against a traditional “hero” design. The simpler, choice-based design increased click-through by an astonishing 251%.

Screenshots of original vs winning test

Moving Ahead

Testing can tell you a lot about your visitors and their expectations while they interact with your site. For Atlantic Broadband, Imarc recorded and analyzed the results and made educated recommendations to drive conversion. As a result of our work we found that:

  • Months of steady iteration paid off with increased sales. In 2016, website orders grew by 56%;
  • In this same time period total website traffic grew by 15%.

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