Built for Security + Poised for Success Industry Case Study: Cybersecurity Websites

Cybercrime is on the rise and so are the companies that prevent it. Organizations worldwide are spending billions of dollars annually to keep their systems secure. With the industry growing at an exponential pace, positioning your company for success online has never been more important.

As a premier digital agency, Imarc has partnered with some of the world’s most renowned cybersecurity companies to enhance their brands, stand out among their competitors, optimize their digital experiences and make sure their websites are secure.

We get it, you have a target on your back and we can help.

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Building the Brand + Increasing Engagement

Mimecast Website

Imarc partnered with Mimecast, a world leader in cloud-based email management to design a professional site that would promote the breadth of solutions that the company offers. Through an enhanced user experience married with visual design, Mimecast’s goals are to increase sales and engage potential prospects.

205%increase in form conversions

W3 Award-Winning Gold

41% increase in session duration

82% increase in direct traffic

113% increase in tablet traffic

One of the key goals of the Mimecast website was to support the buyer's journey and drive conversion, and since launch the site has been incredibly successful. The elevated look and feel enhances the brand while providing users with clear next steps to learn more about Mimecast's products and help capture leads. In fact, when Imarc compared form submission goal completions for the quarter prior to site launch and the quarter following the current site it was found that form submission increased from 2,594 to 7,903 (a 205% increase in conversion!) - which we naturally deem a huge success!

In order to help educate users, Imarc focused on the Resources Section to help them quickly and easily navigate to specific content. The Resources Section features topical filtering and animation to entice users and educate them about the benefits of Mimecast.

Designing an award-winning site for a world-class company.

Not only does the layout of a website entice visitors to engage with content and ultimately convert; various visual elements set Mimecast apart. Custom iconography and culture focused photography showcases the innovative spirit of the company.

RSA Conference

Week-long Conference, Year-long Engagement

RSA Conference helps drive the global information security agenda and provides a 360-degree view of the security industry. In 2012, Imarc was selected to be RSA Conference’s partner to redesign and develop its website to drive registration, engage users year-round and better promote online content; and today it still enjoys healthy collaboration with the team. Since launch the site has garnered:

103% increase in traffic

W3 Award-Winning Gold Silver Davey Award

75% increase in conversions

80% increase in organic search

231% increase in social traffic

The new site supports heavy volumes of traffic with ease and keeps users engaged year-round through social media integration, an industry-leading blog, webcasts and news. One of the key goals of the site was to be the resource for security news and insights beyond the conference and we are proud to say the site supports this. Additionally, the website is a key player in the conference’s active marketing through the newsletter signup, easily managed campaign banners and seamless registration.


  • Responsive design techniques
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Social media integration for year-round engagement
  • Tight integration with multiple technical systems including registration, commerce and community platforms.

Client Voice

“Imarc surpassed our expectations by creating a highly secure site that looks great that promotes the event and positions us as a thought leader in the industry. The site continues to perform each year, deliver value and support our ever-growing attendee size.” RSA

Cristina CaseySenior Website Manager, RSA


Reinventing and Enhancing Brand Image

W3 Award-Winning Silver

Rapid7, the leading provider of IT security risk management solutions, provides its customers with complete visibility and relevant, actionable information about threats and their organization's IT and user-based risk. In 2012, Imarc partnered with Rapid7 on an award-winning project to redefine its brand and online presence to represent its simplicity and innovation.


  • User flows and stakeholder interviews to refine the desired brand image
  • Redesigned logo, capturing the essence of the company
  • Modern and professional marketing collateral
  • Crafted collateral templates including whitepapers, business cards and letterhead
  • Transformed the site to include the newly developed Rapid7 brand

Client Voice

“The Imarc team invested in understanding the essence of our brand and then translated it seamlessly into our new look and feel. Our new branding and website design captures the simplicity of the brand while balancing the audacious spirit of the company.” R7

Carol MeyersChief Marketing Officer, Rapid7

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