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Everbridge is the leading provider of SaaS-based, unified critical communications. Its customers use the Everbridge Suite to quickly and reliably deliver the right message, to the right people, on the right device, at the right time.

Everbridge and Imarc designed a stunning new site that presents Everbridge’s award-winning solutions are using the customer’s own language, solving real customer challenges. By telling the Everbridge story in a customer-centric manner and using content marketing, the new site generates high-quality, well-qualified sales leads.

  • Strategy
  • Responsive Design
  • Creative
  • User Experience
  • Development
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"Imarc solved for a very complex challenge as we looked to address multiple target industries and user types to help support the buyer's journey. The new site does so seamlessly and looks amazing. The Imarc team was very easy to work with and extremely responsive. We have already started to see some of the improvements in site conversions that we were targeting and are pleased with the results!"
Joel Rosen, Chief Marketing Officer

Strategy & Planning

Imarc invested a lot of time to truly understand Everbridge’s services, customers and marketplace. In-depth stakeholder interviews gave insight into company goals and tactics and helped to prioritize the content strategy for the new site. On the site, user activity recordings were analyzed and compared to industry benchmarks to identify both problem areas and successful content and tools. All of this research was brought together to create a content architecture, documented with detailed wireframes and sitemaps.


WordPress CMS

To allow the design to be flexible and customized to each page’s content, while still feeling unified, Imarc developed a 100% custom WordPress theme. Imarc wrote automated import scripts to map new taxonomies and tags onto imported content from the old site. This ensured that key news, blogs, resource and event content from the old site were properly reassigned to the new site. In addition, the new site is integrated with Marketo, Taleo and Google Analytics.


Visual Design

Imarc’s creative team worked closely with the Everbridge team to create a progressive visual style that honors the brand’s core identity. The vibrant colors and powerful imagery bring the Everbridge brand and services to life. Supporting imagery played a significant role in the visual design. Extensive photo research was required to precisely position and present Everbridge’s customers and service scenarios.



While the Everbridge website redesign was completely customized and deeply researched, what makes this most impressive is the execution. The site build and implementation was accelerated to meet an aggressive deadline to align with Everbridges’s IPO.

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