Since 1999, Fourth has provided a way to maximize control, empower management and drive profitability across the hospitality sector regardless of the scale or location of the business. Fourth partnered with Imarc to redesign and develop its site to deliver a dynamic, educational and interactive experience for its global audience as it supports users throughout the buyer’s journey.


  • Strategy
  • Responsive Design
  • Creative
  • User Experience
  • Content Strategy
  • Development
  • Hosting


  • W3 (Silver)
  • Davey (Silver)
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"We needed a website to optimise lead generation not just in the USA, but also in the UK. Working with Imarc was really working with an extension of our own team. They took the time to truly understand our business, and that, coupled with their next-gen thinking and tech skills, gave us a site that delivers. We really enjoyed working with Patrick and his team – no challenge was too hard for them!”
Catherine Iredale, Communications Director

Multi-region Site

To support international business growth, Imarc created a multi-regional site on a single instance of Drupal. Using geolocation, users are automatically redirected to the most geographically relevant site. Each localized site features regionalized content and imagery that are culturally correct, aligns with the regional product line and includes local office contact information. Consistent with best web design and development practices, users are also able to easily navigate to additional country specific sites or the main global site. Calls to Action (CTAs) and lead forms are also customized and routed based on user origin.


Drupal CMS + Pardot Integration

The site is built on a customized Drupal platform, which provides a centralized location for administrators to easily manage content for both the global and localized sites. Non-technical staff can create online forms to drive registration, design new pages from templates, as well as add and remove products. The site is also fully integrated with Pardot, allowing Fourth to closely track and analyze the website’s success and lead generation.


Great-looking Content Management

The most impressive site feature is that it seamlessly brings together fully editable content with visually appealing design. Put simply, it's easy to manage and it looks amazing. Drupal tools allow pages admins to customize from the navigation while still providing enough structure to keep things consistent and looking its best on every page. Fourth is able to continually build the value of its products and services by being able to easily update and manage its content.

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