RSA Security Learning & Development

RSA Security Learning & Development
RSA Security Learning & Development

RSA, the Security Division of EMC, knows the depth of its expertise lies within its staff. Imarc worked with RSA to design and develop the RSA Learning & Development Platform to help its employees in their professional growth and career development. 

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“Imarc not only developed a highly interactive, engaging platform for RSA employees; its seamless integration with our business systems enhances our internal efficiency. Incorporating rich, dynamic tools like the visual map editor in the site gives me the flexibility to maintain and update content quickly and easily while our business needs continue to evolve.”
Ilena Williams, Former Partner for Performance, RSA Learning & Development

Personal Self Assessment Tools

Employees can rate their current skills, quickly and easily. Based on their job function and skill level, the site makes custom recommendations for courses to develop skills and prepare for advancement.


Subway Map and Visual Editor

Employees explore RSA career paths using a subway map metaphor. As department structures evolve, the custom visual layouts are maintained in-house by RSA HR staff – no developer needed.


Seamless Integration with Internal Systems

Personalizing the site to each employee was a key objective. The site integrates with RSA's business systems for authentication, course history, job listings, employee profiles and even photos.


Easy-to-Use Content Management System

Websites are most effective when the content is fresh and up-to-date. Imarc put the power to edit content directly into the hands of RSA's HR team. Using a custom CMS built on open-source technologies, they can edit content directly in the page.


Specific Course Recommendations

Each employee gets custom recommendations for courses based on their career track, current skills, and their course history. This is transparently integrated with RSA's Saba LMS.


Staying at RSA

A key objective was to show employees the breadth and depth of career options available at RSA, that RSA invests in employee growth, and to foster employee connections. By improving retention, the new Learning & Development site will directly benefit RSA's bottom line.

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