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Texas Instruments (TI)'s SIMPLE SWITCHER product family is extensive, but the old site was confusing to customers. TI needed help to simplify product discovery and improve conversion. Imarc partnered with TI to determine the best way to help users find the products they need.

  • Strategy
  • Creative
  • User Experience
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Built for Engineers

Imarc interviewed engineers to discover their needs and priorities, and designed the site to meet them. Circuit diagrams explain the products using the language of design engineers, and parametric search, design tools and support information are all available without extra clicks.


Powerful Search

Imarc designed both parametric search and product matrix tables to present specific attributes and slide scale parameters. Clean design and usability help engineers rapidly identify which parts are most suitable for their application


Reference and Design Tools

TI has found that providing reference designs and hardware, and the WebBench circuit designer, convert visitors to customers. The new site makes both far more discoverable for engineers.


Support Community

The community section helps engineers connect with peers as they solve design challenges. And, since TI guarantees 24-hour answers to questions from customers, the content is always fresh.

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