Level up your CPA society with new Fuse updates

Victoria Andersen, Client Services Manager, Team Lead
Posted on May 16, 2022

For over 20 years, Imarc has worked with CPA societies to help support their members. The Fuse platform makes it even easier. Take a look at some of the latest improvements to the platform.

CPA societies across the nation use their member websites as a place for members to stay updated on their profession, access extensive continuing professional education (CPE), and connect with other members. Built on over 20 years of experience, Imarc’s Fuse platform is the best way for societies and members alike to get the most out of their society’s website.

New Fuse features

We are constantly working to improve the platform with new features and benefits. Take a look at some of the latest improvements that have been implemented across Fuse.

Arbitrary enrollment in auto dues renewal

Members now have the ability to set their membership to renew automatically at any time, not just during the dues payment process. Automatic renewal improves membership retention and expedites dues payments to the society.

Monthly dues payment plans

Introducing payment plans. Members can now join or renew their membership and pay their annual dues in even, automatic monthly payments. Reducing the upfront cost of membership boosts applications and provides regular revenue throughout the year.

Card management

Members can add, edit, and delete saved credit card information that is stored securely on the website for ease of future purchases. The membership dashboard will even alert users if their card is about to expire, avoiding declined payments.

Event and product invoicing

Societies can now produce event and product invoices for members and firms for their offline purchases, which can be paid online.

Enhanced firm management

There are a few new features available for firm administrators that manage the society memberships for their staff. Administrators can now:

  1. Create new member accounts for people within the firm

  2. Upgrade people in their firm to membership

  3. Pay off event or product invoices on behalf of firm members

We know CPA societies

Imarc has over two decades of experience working with CPA societies and creating incredible digital experiences. We utilize the latest knowledge from our website development experience to elevate and grow CPA societies. The Fuse platform currently has dozens of features with more always in development.

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