Improve Efficiencies with these Site Enhancements

Victoria Andersen, Client Services Manager
Posted on Aug 6, 2019

When it comes to your CPA Society's website, there are always areas that can be enhanced to add value to your society and its members.

This could be a full-site redesign or a few enhancements to give your site a fresh look and better usability. Here are some examples of the type of site updates to consider.

Small Effort Improvements

Site Search

When users are unable to find the content they’re looking for through navigation, they turn to search. It’s crucial that the search function on your site returns relevant results to the user. Our team can easily help you implement a global site search to improve these results.

Updated Navigation Structure

Whether you have something in mind for reorganizing your website’s navigation or if you’re looking for additional guidance, our strategists are here to help. They will examine your current navigation and analytics to make recommendations for improving navigation and user experience.

Blog and News Visual Enhancements

Updating the design of your society’s blog posts is a great visual enhancement to your website. Our team can update your existing CMS tools, enabling you to select an image to create a custom header on each blog.

Check out how Imarc uses custom imagery on our blog:

Don’t have a blog and wondering if you should? Here’s a quick post that goes through the benefits of having a blog.

User Login Tool

For a number of CPA Societies, Imarc has helped incorporate the SiteManager CMS user login tool that enables you to reset user passwords and set administrative access. The user login tool also includes the ability to login as individual users. This enhancement supports site administrators and help members to troubleshoot issues.

Medium Effort Enhancements

Areas of Interest and Expertise on User Profiles

To better understand its members, some societies collect data from user profiles and applications to populate areas of interest and expertise. This data is then used to tailor marketing communications to individual members’ interests.

Enhanced CPE Filtering

Currently, users can filter the CPE catalogue by the course type (in-person, webinar, self-study, etc.), keyword, month, and field of interest. In addition to these fields, our team can help you build enhanced catalog filtering, such as by leader, location, credit value, etc. Check out how the Alabama Society of CPAs has implemented these enhanced filters.

Social Media Feeds

Looking to get your members engaged on social media? We can create feeds from your social media platforms right on your homepage, bringing updated content to your site to drive social traffic and engagement.

Custom Alert Bars

Where would we all be without reminders? Within the SiteManager CMS, we can create a tool that allows site administrators to quickly and easily add an alert bar to the top of the site. This feature can be used for dues reminders, CPE course cancellations, or any news items your society may need to communicate quickly to members. The Iowa Society of CPAs is currently utilizing this feature on their homepage.

Large Effort Additions

Classified Postings

In addition to resume and job posting, Imarc can help your society build a place for additional classified postings as well. The Tennessee Society of CPAs has included this feature in the "Marketplace" section of their site, which includes jobs, resumes, classified ads, and marketing opportunities.

Promo Codes Tool

We have built several iterations of this tool, which can be customized to fit your society’s specific needs. Most commonly, the tool is used to set fixed or percent-off coupon codes which can be further defined as specific to CPE, member-only, or dues discounts.

Recurring Dues Payments

The CDS platform offers integration for automatic recurring dues payments for your members, and this is something that we can implement to work with your society’s site. Members can choose to renew their dues automatically, and will automatically be charged on the selected day.

Whatever you’re looking for on your site, from small changes to big redesigns, the Imarc team is here to make your vision a reality!