Visual Highlights from Imarc Labs

Kevin Hamer, Innovation Engineer
Posted on Apr 13, 2017

Imarc kicked off Imarc Labs, our internal initiative to expand our capabilities and push our limits just over a year ago and we're excited to share some visual highlights of what Labs accomplished in it's first year.

We built to be the hub for Labs and share our current projects. is built on Craft using another Labs project, Padstone.

Live Training Sessions

We built a Reveal.js theme for ourselves and ran two training sessions open to the whole company. The first was on Craft CMS and the second was on working with frontend build tools, covering tools like NPM, Gulp and Laravel Mix.

Particle Effects

particles effect

We worked through and built a proof of concept demonstrating some particle effect concepts that originated in our creative department. The base JavaScript library we used for this was Proton.

Company Status Site

We built an internal company status site on Laravel 5.4 and Vue 2 without the use of any jQuery or our internal CMS (SiteManager) code. While it was only lightly skinned, it was our first Laravel 5.4 project.

Giveaway Slots

Imarc Slot Machine

We also got to flex some muscle on the gaming side of projects, using Vue 2 again to build an animated slot machine of sorts for conference giveaways. (Those rotation animations are all CSS transitions on 3D transforms.)

Imarc Boilerplate

Imarc Boilerplate has been around for four years now, but throughout the last twelve months we've seen some of the biggest changes to date, including the introduction of the components section and adding build scripts to build and test it locally.

At the end of the day, we're pretty excited of what we've accomplished in the first year of Imarc Labs and we're looking forward to developing and what's to come.

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