Atlantic Broadband A Modern Intranet

Strategy and Planning

A user-friendly, multiuse dashboard

Imarc worked with ABB stakeholders to define the architecture, navigation, content, and CMS functionality needed to deliver the best possible experience to all users. As the central location for employees to start any task, the dashboard features a clean and modern design that is easy to use and understand.

For the user dashboard, Imarc worked with ABB to identify what content would be highlighted. This included company announcements, CEO messages, department content, and the latest corporate resources. This intranet also needed to provide a central location for users to access external tools including the ABB Spirit store, E-Learning, CSG, OneView, LMS, Required Training, and Payroll iPay (ADP).

To make sure that the dashboard reflects the latest articles, announcements, and resources, the CMS enables administrators to manage and update the content at any time.

User Experience

Seamless communication for all users

A major goal for this project was to enable easy communication from ABB leadership to all staff. It was clear that creating a mobile-first experience would benefit the entire organization and help ensure consistency for all users.

The intranet also required a robust and intuitive site search to enable users to quickly find and access specific content. Built using Elasticsearch, the intranet features robust search features filters, facets, and helper text to find specific content and resources.

When it comes to the user experience for admins, the intranet allows admins to easily post and manage news, featured content, documents, video, and downloadable resources.


An “entertaining” experience

The intranet was designed with a clean and modern approach, following user-centric design principles and web standards best practices. The ABB-styled user interface aligns with the organization's corporate branding and the look and feel of its external website.

In an effort to align with ABB’s industry, we tied in words and phrases that align with entertainment. For instance, the user menu is referred to as “My Remote,” and intranet-wide alerts are "Broadcasts" to mimic news tickers. Admins even have the ability to add an icebreaker for users to see at the start of their day. Prompts can include "Did you watch the Superbowl?" or "What did you think of the ending to Game of Thrones?" Users are also encouraged to upload their favorite tv characters as their avatar.


An intranet that grows with the company

ABBi integrates with ABB’s Active Directory to manage Single Sign-On (SSO) for access to the intranet. Upon login, users can customize basic profile information about themselves.

ABBi utilizes the latest modern web frameworks, including Laravel and Vue, to develop a secure platform that is flexible and lightweight.

ABBi was developed with return on investment in mind. The custom, scalable intranet is designed to expand as ABB’s business grows.

Abbi Work 5

Our shared vision

As a long-standing partner to Atlantic Broadband, Imarc understood the needs of both the company and its employees. We were able to create an intranet that enables both administrators and users to easily utilize this internal communications platform. We look forward to shared success and future projects with the ABB team.

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