Imarc wins The Best Intranet award for TeamInfor

Ashley Romagnoli, Digital Marketing Manager
Posted on Sep 10, 2019

The results are in – we are excited to announce that Imarc has won The Best Intranet from WebAward for our work on TeamInfor.

In 2018, Imarc began our work with Infor, a leading cloud-software provider delivering enterprise software solutions for companies worldwide, across 20 industries. After redesigning and developing Infor’s public-facing website, we worked with the Infor team to improve the user experience and visual design of their intranet, TeamInfor.

We are excited that our work on TeamInfor has been recognized by WebAward for The Best Intranet! This award is judged on seven areas of criteria, such as ease of use, by three or more expert judges. They assumed the role of a target user and, through screenshots, get a feel of what it would be like for an employee to use the intranet.

At Imarc, we understand the importance of employee engagement and how employee experience has a huge impact on success. TeamInfor is designed to inform, educate, and engage employees while delivering a great employee experience and align with Infor’s external-facing brand.

With over 17,000 global users across all departments and over 4,000 users each day, employees are using TeamInfor to access sales and marketing materials, onboarding resources, and more. They are able to customize their experiences with bookmarks for external tools, access thousands of resources, and subscribe to news feeds based on topics of interest. Instead of being merely a tool that is required to use, TeamInfor was designed with employees in mind.

Imarc was able to merge our vast experience building award-winning intranets with Infor's updated brand. The result is an easy-to-use, on-brand, destination for all Infor employees and channel partners. By having a consistent voice with their public-facing site, TeamInfor creates 17,000 employee brand-ambassadors all aligned with the same message. It’s a great place for employees to start their day, see the latest company news, and easily access their most used tools and resources for whatever their specific role within Infor is. Dave Tufts, Managing Partner and CTO - Imarc

This isn’t the first time Imarc’s work on intranets has received recognition. Our work on HelloJetBlue also won The Best Intranet from WebAward, as well as the 2017 Nielsen Design Annual Award. While these awards may be for our intranet projects, Imarc has also won over 160 other awards and is ranked as one of the top creative & design agencies in Massachusetts and is recognized as a top global digital agency. Our extensive list of projects recently earned us our badge as a Craft Enterprise Verified Partner, and we recently broke the top five on Boston Business Journal’s list of Largest Web Design Firms in Massachusetts.

Since our inception, Imarc’s mission has been to put our clients first, which means building strong relationships, delivering projects that drive results, and applying the best approaches to each and every project. As a full-service digital agency with a strong focus on web, mobile, and custom application solutions, our team of 50+ experienced engineers, UX engineers, designers, strategists, and business and marketing experts has helped more than 350 clients do business better. We will continue to be a premier digital agency and create smart solutions for forward-thinking brands.

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