Why our clients love the Craft CMS (and so will you)

Thijs Messelaar, New Business Specialist
Posted on May 7, 2020

One of the things that makes your marketing successful is the ability to easily create and publish content. That’s why a good content management system (CMS) is so important.

When I started in business development at Imarc, I brought with me close to 20 years of content strategy and digital marketing experience. Having been in my clients’ shoes in the past, I have an intimate understanding of what they are looking for.

After years of resorting to hacks and workarounds to get what I needed out of a content management system (CMS) – I often just accepted that I was limited in what I could accomplish. Now, I’ve seen another side, and it feels good!

Move over CMSs of the past, Craft is here

As a writer and content marketer, I was publishing fast and on the fly. My go-to CMS for a long time was WordPress. When I came to Imarc, I learned more about the Craft CMS. Since 2015, Imarc has been creating websites for our clients using Craft. This past summer, Imarc became one of just four Verified Craft Enterprise Partners in the U.S. I felt like I’d found a panacea – it was a revelation!

I share with clients that the Craft experience has all the positive aspects of other tools without many of the known headaches. The Craft CMS makes more than just site administrators celebrate. It makes everyone involved in the project happy – from the C-suite to development teams to the everyday, non-technical users.

What makes the Craft CMS one of the best CMS Platforms?

In order to demonstrate the breadth and depth of love for the Craft CMS, I asked fellow Imarc team members from across disciplines – designers, web engineers, UX engineers, and more – to weigh in on this increasingly popular CMS.

I simply asked each of them, “Why do our clients love the Craft CMS?”

And here’s what people are saying about Craft...

Robert Mohns, UX Researcher

“Craft hits a balance that most CMSs can't. It provides flexible content management capabilities without drowning admins in complexity or giving up visual richness for end-users. Most CMSs end up compromising one for the other. If the people that manage content are engineers, that complexity may be acceptable, but for the rest of us, we just want to get work done.”

Shawna O’Neal, Web Engineer

“Clients appreciate that Craft doesn't limit their designs or functionality. It refers to itself as the ‘bespoke CMS’. This is not a space for themes or restrictive layouts. It’s an easier CMS to expand upon and maintain than most. You can have your integrations cake, and eat it too!”

Paul Kelley, Art Director

“Clients like the fact that after a site launch they can build-out or modify the layout of their own pages using a variety of content blocks that we provide for them.”

Jared Laham, Creative Director

“Clients rave about the live preview feature and that the UI of Craft's admin section is clean and intuitive right out of the box.”

Christian Keyes, Art Director

“From a creative standpoint, I would point out that the ‘assets’ section is great and offers a lot more visibility, searchability, and control over images. They have recently added a ‘focus area’ component to selecting images whereby a photo will be cropped intelligently based on where you tell Craft to draw from.”

Jenny Burke, Project Manager

“Clients love how they can edit the majority of the content on their website themselves, and how flexible it is. Not only can they edit existing content, but they can add/remove blocks and create pages as needed.”

Jeff Turcotte, Director of Engineering

“Some of our clients appreciate that Craft is a licensed product. While the open-source spirit is a huge part of the Craft community and the code is available to review, it is technically not open source. Free, open-source products are amazing, but there's something to be said for paying a company to support their product and continually improve it. We have direct access to the team who is building Craft in case there is an issue.”

There you have it

There are many reasons to love the Craft CMS, which is why it is one of our go-to CMSs. More importantly, our clients love it for the great experience and end-result.

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