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An intranet that’s as flexible as your company.

Streamline your employee communications, company
updates, and important resources into one place − LOOP.

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Bring your employees
together from near and far

With unlimited seats, you can keep all your employees in the loop. No matter where they are, everyone will see real-time updates without having to sift through an inbox. As your team grows, we can expand the tool to scale and add additional features.

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Access everything, all in one place

From important documents and resources to employee training, this is the one place for it all. Everything is organized and managed for easy access and efficiency, making it not just great for staff, but for HR too.

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Features and Pricing that Match Your Business Needs

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Additional Features

  • Post real-time company news and updates
  • Mobile friendly
  • Scalable for any size organization
  • Integrates with existing LDAP/SSO/Active Directory
  • Quick access to important documents
  • Works alongside existing utility apps

We’ve helped several companies
future-proof their workforce

Ski Butlers

Imarc designed a custom digital solution to help Ski Butlers better run their delivery service.


Imarc built Infor’s new intranet TeamInfor, designed to inform, educate, and engage employees.

Jetblue Airlines

Imarc reimagined the HelloJetBlue intranet to better serve crewmembers and giving them a truly “fly” experience.

“It was an honor to work with Imarc. They demonstrated, very early on, a true ability to understand our business and solve for our needs—create a new intranet site, one that would increase engagement and foster community. Imarc delivered incredible results, taking our former site to new heights. We couldn’t be happier with their work and subject matter expertise.”

— Jonathan Weitz, Former Digital and Online Communications Manager, JetBlue

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