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JetBlue – Intranet

The reimagined HelloJetBlue
encourages communication and collaboration, delivering Crewmembers a personalized experience and easy access to business tools.

20,000 users with 80% utilizing personalization features

50,000+ pageviews per day

1,500+ articles posted each year

1,000+ comments on articles each month

Built to inform, support, empower and connect Crewmembers

The Anti-Intranet of Intranets

Create conversations anywhere in the world

Winner of the 2017 Nielsen Intranet Design Annual Award

“Supporting a very strong, positive company culture, HelloJetBlue offers a combination of resources, tools and news packaged in a friendly, imaginative way. The intranet keeps JetBlue’s employees, known as Crewmembers, motivated and firmly grounded, even while soaring above the clouds,”

— Jakob Nielsen, Principal of Nielsen Norman Group

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RSA – Learning & Development

The RSA Learning & Development Platform motivates employees to educate and advance his or her career at RSA. The Platform delivers a highly creative visual and informative career path while helping management identify and share exemplary performance.

Over 3,100+ manager and self-assessments completed

6 integrations with internal systems

660+ accessible job titles across 91 departments

Encourages the use of interactive self-assessment and mentorships tools

Reinforces RSA’s commitment to employees and their success

Delivers individualized organization charts and career paths generated for each user

“Imarc not only developed a highly interactive, engaging platform for RSA employees; its seamless integration with our business systems enhances our internal efficiency. Incorporating rich, dynamic tools like the visual map editor in the site gives me the flexibility to maintain and update content quickly and easily while our business needs continue to evolve.”

— Ilena Williams, Partner for Performance, RSA – Learning & Development

Starwood Asset Library

Starwood, one of the world’s largest hotel brands, is Imarc’s longest client. For almost 20 years Imarc has worked with the renowned company on several web design projects to support the company’s expansive growth, brand needs and sustainability efforts.

5.5 TBs of photos, logos, floor plans and other creative assets

170k assets for 2,500 Starwood properties

153 countries access the tool

2.5 M creative asset downloads each year by over 29,000 users

Manages assets for 18 worldwide brands including Westin, Sheraton, W Hotels and Four Points

Transforms workflow, increases efficiency and improves productivity

Integrates with critical business systems

“Throughout the years, as the business needs changed and grew to include more and more brands, the scalability and flexibility of the custom platform aligned to support our needs. Imarc is a valuable partner that continues to extend and innovate the platform.”

— Jonathan Phillips, Senior Manager, Photography, Digital Asset Management

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